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I started writing when I was around 12 years old. In the beginning my interests and passions revolved all around crime, Agatha Christie being my great role model for years. For most of my teenage years I hung on to the dream of becoming the youngest crime writer in history, and I felt devastated every time my marvellous manuscripts, which I confidently sent off to all of Germany's biggest publishers, came back like attached to elastic bands.

Since I wrote all my crime novels in German AND on an old type writer, I sadly can't upload them here, but I once translated my personal favourite sections from my novels, which you can find under 'extracts'.

Over the past 8 or so years I have mainly written poetry, which has been called everything from 'crappy' to 'normal' to 'wonderful', so you'd better just make up your own mind :) Among my other writings there are a short story which so far no one has really managed to figure out, as well as three articles titled 'Lost', 'Joy' and 'Unspoken' which I wrote for a friend's writing project. 

When I was 16 years old I wrote a sarcastic family story which I handed in for a competition revolving around family life...I wasn't surprised at all to have it returned to me in no time with absolutely no comment :) It is very hard to translate that story into English, but many years ago I gave translating some parts of it a shot.

Have fun reading whatever may most appeal to you...